Big band, big love, big Bob

Big Bob and Band

My beautiful friend Bob and his partner Walter are tying the knot next Saturday and have hired a big band to play their ’40’s themed wedding.  Besides being one of the lovliest people I have had the pleasure to know and work with he is also, without question, one of the funniest. He has assembled a bunch of friends to sing songs with the band,  I am flattered that he has asked me to sing “Moon River” .  We had a rehearsal today at the Musician’s Union.  What a treat it was to walk into that space, and pull up a mic with a 12 -piece orchestra.

Tomorrow we are taking black and white photographs to print up as lobby cards.  I can’t wait to don vintage garb and makeup for that!  Oh the glamour!

Kids (of all ages) at McCabes

Their dogs have fleas

The McCabes UKUlear family rides again!  This session includes kids ages 5 to 60!

We have just begun a new 4 week journey at the legendary Santa Monica guitar shop, McCabes.  11 of us packed into the big classroom upstairs and enjoyed our first week of ukulele basics.  4 kids and 6 (so-called) adults joined me, and we figured out how to how to tune, strum and play 4 chords. We played and sang 7 songs together.  All in our first hour!

Jack and Molly are showing off their skills with their F and C chords, and enjoying the mellow tones of two of my new Ohana concert ukuleles, equipped with low-G strings.

That’s right- I have a new “kit”!

I have traded up.  Louis Wu, King of the Ohana operation has generously donated 8 concert ukes for the purpose of teaching.  They have all been strung with low-G strings, and have been tuned and stickered up for action.  They will be coming with me when I drive 6,000 miles across the country (and back) this summer on our crazy tour.

More on that soon….