Kids (of all ages) at McCabes

Their dogs have fleas

The McCabes UKUlear family rides again!  This session includes kids ages 5 to 60!

We have just begun a new 4 week journey at the legendary Santa Monica guitar shop, McCabes.  11 of us packed into the big classroom upstairs and enjoyed our first week of ukulele basics.  4 kids and 6 (so-called) adults joined me, and we figured out how to how to tune, strum and play 4 chords. We played and sang 7 songs together.  All in our first hour!

Jack and Molly are showing off their skills with their F and C chords, and enjoying the mellow tones of two of my new Ohana concert ukuleles, equipped with low-G strings.

That’s right- I have a new “kit”!

I have traded up.  Louis Wu, King of the Ohana operation has generously donated 8 concert ukes for the purpose of teaching.  They have all been strung with low-G strings, and have been tuned and stickered up for action.  They will be coming with me when I drive 6,000 miles across the country (and back) this summer on our crazy tour.

More on that soon….


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