Half the fun


Boy, was it!

Our caravan left Albuquerque and drove three days to Sturgeon Bay, WI with the Duggy Buggy in the lead.  Doug Nottingham chauffered John Bartlit and their cargo of percussion instruments, including two full marimbas.  Next Alexix and Hovey Dean Corbin drove Vanny Mae (to loaded down to fail) , packed with esoteric instruments and a cheese press (?!)  The OhanaMobile drove caboose.

Amarillo by morning: recording a voice over and making eggs in the room.  Being New Mexicans, there was chili involved.  Red and green.


The next night was  StLouis-ish.  Breakfast: second verse, same as the first



It is a Skumbaag tradition to eat a ButterBurger with green chili on the way into WI, and we upheld it


We landed on Craig and Amy’s beautiful abode at the edge of Sturgeon Bay with a cooler full of local craft beer and played and laughed till we could no longer  We were parceled into various rooms and slept like dogs.


Breakfast is on and filling the house with the sweet smell of red chili, garlic, and everything good in this world.  Instruments have been unloaded, and strains of How High The Moon played on marimba and steel drum drift in from the garage.  We have arrived.


Who are these guys?  What is Skumbaag and why are we in Wisconsin?

That will be the next post.


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