One down!

The Ohana Mobile rolls up to TAP

We had our first big show at TAP (Third Avenue Playhouse) in Sturgeon Bay last night.  Pretty darn incredible! First was a great uke workshop.  There were about 30 folks of all ages, kids, seniors and all ages in between.  We laughed for 2 hours, going from zero to playing 4 chord songs with latin strums.

A short break to set up the stage and imbibe some of Wisconsin’s finest and we were all back for a rollicking show.

The local recommends Spotted Cow Unfiltered Ale at Vans

We played new songs like the funk tune we wrote the day before called the Boogie Man, which had the audience on their feet and dancing.  Wish we had some images of Alexis as the Boogie Man, dancing in the aisles.  Or of John in the Winkie costume, or Hovey singing about the gluten-free dumplings in She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain, or Dug singing Lowrider with his own lyrics.  We did record some audio, and hope to add that later.  For now, here is a youtube link to a piece of Comin’ Round the Mountain recorded in Los Angeles the day before we left.

Hovey and Alexis played steel drum at the grower’s market yesterday and came back with a bunch of fantastic produce.  We have been eating vibrant red currants and Door County cherries, and now they are cooking up a batch of green chilli stew with chili from back home.  A bowl of that joy and a Hopdinger IPA from Plover, WI will keep us going as we load the vehicles for the gig.

The lovely Corbins and the lovely stew

In about an hour we are heading to a fish boil at the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek (pronounced crick).  This will be a variety show, and we will be setting up both marimbas, a drum set, congas, steel drums, bass and guitar (and a uke or two!).  All our various guises will contribute numbers;  Vespus, Sol Calypso, Sukey Jump and maybe even a Skumbaag song.  I will sing a song or two, probably Duerme Te and the improv song Monkey When You Get Old.  And I will have plenty time to shoot pictures, so tune in tomorrow for a further update.
I will be profiling each of the band members soon.  It is an incredible privilege to play with such amazing musicians.  You won’t believe how accomplished, kind and funny each of these people are.

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