Band Profiles: Hovey Dean and Alexix Corbin

ImageTogether they are Sol Calypso, the steel drum band, music as close to being sonic happiness as any sound you can ever imagine.

Of all the members of Skumbaag, I have known Hovey the longest.  His older sister Paula was my best friend throughout middle school and High School, and without her and their mother’s daily popping of after-school popcorn is is doubtful whether I would have survived to tell the tale.

Hovey came from a musical family and started down the musical prodigy path early.  I vaguely remember Hovey’s first drum set in the garret room of their two story house.  A score of years later, when I went to see Skumbaag playing in the (long closed) Fat Chance bar across from UNM I was SHOCKED to see him tearing it up on marimba and vocals wearing the costume of a Greek National.  I think everyone else was too, whether they knew him or not.  Skumbaag had that effect on people.Image

One of the shocking things about him (and every member of this band) is his level of musicianship.  He kills on marimba and steel drum, but then he’ll pick up the mandolin or guitar or banjo and further blow your mind.  However, if he’s needed on the drum set or bass he will sit either of those positions better then most who man the chair full time.  Baroque flute?  Sure, why not.  Bagpipe?  Yeah, that too.

The guys all lived in a house in the “student ghetto” section of Albuquerque.  It was sometimes referred to the percussion house or “Thriving Metropolis”.  There are many great music beer-infused tales of sloven levity from that time and place.  It seems fate that eventually, Hovey and his lovely wife Alexis ended up buying that house where they now live with their three smart, beautiful, musical kids.  And goats.  And chickens.

Yep.  They are that sort of urban survivalists who make their own cheese.  And meade?

Did I mention they are amazing cooks?  They have made us pesto and chili and eggs and fresh corn and brats with peppers and…. just on this trip!  Back home their sushi night is a feast you just hope you get invited back to.



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