Skumbaag Band Camp

ImageThe worlds greatest (perhaps only) “Phantasmagoric 21st Century Heavy Metal Vaudville” band, Skumbaag is getting ready to take the stage tomorrow night.

They have been rehearsing great tunes like  “Mocha Jamocha”, a song ripe to be licensed by Starbucks.

I get to join them on a song- groupie’s dream come true.I first heard the guys in 1987, in one of their first shows.  I loved it.  Something about over educated sophomoric boy humor hits my weak spot.

Tonight we will be doing another variety show with Vespus at Sonny’s Pizzaria in Fish Creek.  Vespus is the marimba incarnation of their band, and there are some overlapping songs.


In between rehearsals we have been doing relaxing boy-things, like skipping stones, playing pool….


And singing along with the Jukebox at Waterfront Marys

Winter’s “Frankenstien” air-style

Summer band camp, 2012!


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