Calm between storms

Doug, Craig, John, Daniel, Heidi, Hovey and Alexis. I miss you guys already!

Yesterday was our final Door County show, a matinee for Vespus at Third Avenue Playhouse.  What a beautiful audience! We had hardly recovered from the late night Scumbaag Show at Sonny’s the night before.

Timpani and chimes. In a bar? Go Hovey!

John, Dan and Craig in Skumbaag costume. No, this is not a kid’s show- It’s weirder!

The week has sped past, and this morning Doug, John, Hovey and Alexis pulled up stakes and moved out,  heading back to obligations in Albuquerque and Phoenix.  Craig has returned to grading papers for the online course he teaches, and Daniel and I are having a day of catching up and rest.  Laundry, computer life chores and sleep are the top 3.  Later we will pack up the Ohana Mobile and prepare  for the next phase of the tour.

Tomorrow we drive to Palatine, Ill, a suburb of Chicago and teach a workshop hosted by old friends Deb and Tracy.  This will be fun and easy.   Simple set up with the PA, tune a dozen instruments and teach about 15 people how to play.  Deb and Tracy are improv buddies from Los Angeles, and I can’t wait to do a few musical improv forms with them.  Irish drinking song, Hoe-down, the blues….  It’s been a long time.  Check back for posts on that!

I am feverishly searching for pick up players to fill in for the band in Saint Louis on Friday, and I need to put some sort of a set list in order for the next month.  When all the guys are around it is easy to get spoiled.  I know they always have my back, and things get richer with each play.  Starting from zero with new players, while thrilling, can be a trust exercise.  Especially when meeting them hours before downbeat.  If you have a ringer, let me know!


One thought on “Calm between storms

  1. I go way back with the folks of Skumbaag. Was in the drum dept with Hovey, Doug was marching band director, Doug and John played Vibes and Marimba at my wedding, and I spent many nights being entertained by Skumbaag at the places that would actually allow them to play. I saw your posts linked on Doug’s facebook, so I thought I’d drop you a line. If you are ever in the Austin TX area, I may be able to help. I play drums (set, cajon, etc) and ukulele. I’m a member of the Austin Ukulele Society. I am around and play with a lot of talented folks, so if I can help, I’ll be happy to lend a hand.

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