Happy Campers

After dropping the last of the band off in Las Vegas, the OhanaMobile went off-road for a week.

Campfire time!

Camp OoOo-Koo-Lay-Lay was nothing but fun.  Proof has already been posted on YouTube by one of the campers. The video says a thousand words.  (Does This Ukulele Make My Butt Look Big?)


Viva Las Ohana!

The Hoover Dam. Damn!

The Ohana Mobile left Albuquerque and took the long way home

Hitting the strip. Tease!

I know it is summer, and summer is hot, but it was HOT!!!!


There was one long melted girl pouring out of the car…

Even the pod on top exploded.  Fortunately, no dirndls were lost

Akkk! Top popped at 75mph!

Tomorrow morning we ship out to places north- Camp OoOoKoLayLay to teach for a week (spaces still available for day or overnighters) and then a stop in to master uke maker Michael DaSilva.  We are gonna have a Sukey Jump on Saturday, August 25 in his workshop.

C’mon in, Northern Cal Pals!



Hometown Workshops

Besides the chili, old friends are the best part of being back in NM.  We had some great workshop/concerts and saw some friends from waaaay back!

at The Outpost

ACSL Workshop

If you have pictures to share, be sure to send them to me and we’ll add them to the blog!

Santa Fe Diversion

Lock and unload

The OhanaMobile took a detour to chauffeur John and Daniel to El Meson in Santa Fe.  The gents play regularly at the tasty tapas joint just off the plaza.

The food there is great, but we had to first slake our appetite at La Boca.  Santa Fe is overrun with tasty food!

Oh yum! Gratuitous food shot!

John and Daniel played two hours of beautiful flamenco music.  And then…   they got silly. Daniel’s Ohana came out, John’s cajon shrank, the tambourine turned tiny and the dumbek was replaced by a toy.  This clip is long and gets sillier every minute.  You have been warned. ( Click here for a good time.)

NM… Mmmmm….ahhhh!

Mmmmmmmm… green chili pizza at Farina

We have arrived! Let the feasting begin!  Red and green chili on everything, washed down by Marble IPA.Breakfast at Flying Star while we update some computer fun, then on to the airport to pick up some backup singers…

And on to our FAVORITE NM joint, Cervantes.  We take advantage of the rooftop parking…

and lick the plates clean!

Ohhhh yeahhhhh.

Back to business: we have two workshop/concerts to pull off here and are scrambling to fill in the band and the house. If you are looking to learn to play uke or want in on a REALLY fun show, come see us!

SATURDAY AUGUST 11  at the Outpost Performance Space WORKSHOP 10am/  CONCERT  12 noon 210 Yale SE 2 blocks south of Central

SUNDAY AUGUST 12  at ACSL  WORKSHOP 5:30 / CONCERT 7PM 2801 Louisiana NE  Albuquerque, NM 87106


More then OK, Oklahoma was FANTASTIC!

Kristen, Daniel, Chris, Sam, Emily and Doctor Rock

We feel like we have gained a family- the amazing Chris Wiser and his lovely wife Emily not only hosted us in their home but introduced us to their peeps. We played a show together with his band, the Sugar Free Allstars at cafe Evoke, a mighty swell joint in Edmond, OK.

Evoke’s Jenny and Tuker

The Cafe filled up with happy families who bopped out to the SFA’s funky sound.

gotta dance!
Getting down!

It was a treat to combine forces with them, and we did our funky best, including our new song the Boogie Man. We even did a few songs where we all played ukes together and then joined them on some SFA tunes. Throwing down together is what it is all about! How inspiring to be with such generous people. I can’t wait to see them again when they come to LA in January for their show at McCabes!

OhanaMobile passes still smoking burn areas near Tulsa

The day before we had done a library show in Tulsa. The Hardesty branch is an amazing facility, and the storytime room was painted with fantastic animals. We sang songs about them, and did a bunch of songs in Spanish with the kids.

“You’re doin’ fine Oklahoma….” Hard not to hear the Rodgers & Hammerstein refrain. Oklahoma, OK!

Musical Merry-Go-Round

The OhanaMobile takes the inside track on St Louis

We rolled right in St Lou and headed straight to KDHX to record a radio segment with Grandpa Paul Stark. Community radio.  Yes!

down by the station, early in the morning….

Paul hosted us in his home, and he and his lovely wife Chris took us sight seeing.

The OhanaMobile finds friends in front of Grandpa Stark’s

Besides the arch we got to visit the Whispering Arch at the old train station where secrets were passed.    Really looking forward to coming back to St Lou next year and taking a longer look at the City Museum! We had dinner at Blueberry Hill where we marveld at the crazy toy collection, but Paul’s collection gives it a run for it’s money.  I was not sure if the toys came to life while we were sleeping….

Gulliver’s Travels, anyone?

Daniel accidentally teaches a rhumba

The next day we had a sweet workshop and show at Off Broadway.

Mark Williams of StL holds down the low end

Drew Somervell, ukulele genius.

“Kids Like Bars, Too” is Off Broadway’s slogan.  I guess that makes us kids!