My Funny Palatine

Deb, Tracy, Heidi and Justin

Hello Chicago!(ish). Caught up with old friends from Bob Koherr’s Improv class in Los Angeles circa 1999.

Deb and Tracy hosted us for two nights and turned their home and friends over to us for a great workshop.

Chloe and Heidi

Sue and Vince

It was a fast bunch of learners, and we covered basics and beyond.  About 16 participants, age 10 and up.  Many folks from the Improv classes Deb and Tracy have taught since moving out to Chicago ten years ago.  The hardest part was ending the night, which evolved into performing musical improv together.

The next day Justin flew in from West Virginia and met up for some fine omlettes cooked by Tracy. It was great to catch up.

Regrettably we had to run, as St Louis was looking in the distance.  But parting was made easier by knowing we would return in a month to play at the Waterfront Festival and hope everyone at the workshop will work their fingers to the bone so we can do another workshop where we left off.


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