More then OK, Oklahoma was FANTASTIC!

Kristen, Daniel, Chris, Sam, Emily and Doctor Rock

We feel like we have gained a family- the amazing Chris Wiser and his lovely wife Emily not only hosted us in their home but introduced us to their peeps. We played a show together with his band, the Sugar Free Allstars at cafe Evoke, a mighty swell joint in Edmond, OK.

Evoke’s Jenny and Tuker

The Cafe filled up with happy families who bopped out to the SFA’s funky sound.

gotta dance!
Getting down!

It was a treat to combine forces with them, and we did our funky best, including our new song the Boogie Man. We even did a few songs where we all played ukes together and then joined them on some SFA tunes. Throwing down together is what it is all about! How inspiring to be with such generous people. I can’t wait to see them again when they come to LA in January for their show at McCabes!

OhanaMobile passes still smoking burn areas near Tulsa

The day before we had done a library show in Tulsa. The Hardesty branch is an amazing facility, and the storytime room was painted with fantastic animals. We sang songs about them, and did a bunch of songs in Spanish with the kids.

“You’re doin’ fine Oklahoma….” Hard not to hear the Rodgers & Hammerstein refrain. Oklahoma, OK!

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