NM… Mmmmm….ahhhh!

Mmmmmmmm… green chili pizza at Farina

We have arrived! Let the feasting begin!  Red and green chili on everything, washed down by Marble IPA.Breakfast at Flying Star while we update some computer fun, then on to the airport to pick up some backup singers…

And on to our FAVORITE NM joint, Cervantes.  We take advantage of the rooftop parking…

and lick the plates clean!

Ohhhh yeahhhhh.

Back to business: we have two workshop/concerts to pull off here and are scrambling to fill in the band and the house. If you are looking to learn to play uke or want in on a REALLY fun show, come see us!

SATURDAY AUGUST 11  at the Outpost Performance Space WORKSHOP 10am/  CONCERT  12 noon 210 Yale SE 2 blocks south of Central

SUNDAY AUGUST 12  at ACSL  WORKSHOP 5:30 / CONCERT 7PM 2801 Louisiana NE  Albuquerque, NM 87106


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