Viva Las Ohana!

The Hoover Dam. Damn!

The Ohana Mobile left Albuquerque and took the long way home

Hitting the strip. Tease!

I know it is summer, and summer is hot, but it was HOT!!!!


There was one long melted girl pouring out of the car…

Even the pod on top exploded.  Fortunately, no dirndls were lost

Akkk! Top popped at 75mph!

Tomorrow morning we ship out to places north- Camp OoOoKoLayLay to teach for a week (spaces still available for day or overnighters) and then a stop in to master uke maker Michael DaSilva.  We are gonna have a Sukey Jump on Saturday, August 25 in his workshop.

C’mon in, Northern Cal Pals!




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