Music China in Shanghai

The next day we loaded ourselves into the trade show and got down to business

For four days we played all-killer-no-filler sets on our little corner stage, about 5 a day.  Short and sweet and often.  As soon as the really loud electric guitar soloist (whom we nicknamed “Snake Boy”) was finished we would fire up.  It was incredible to watch the crowd grow around us.  When Daniel soloed on a flamenco bit the ring of men with cameras grew thick.  Then we would do something with crazy voices or animal sounds to catapult the language barrier  and pull people in.  Sometimes if there were children we would get them involved, singing “Twinkle ,Twinkle” in Mandarin and letting them strum my uke for “Little Birdie”.

“I’ve a short time for to be here, and a long time to be gone..”

Guest artist joining us on stage

So many picuture and videos were taken- if ou have any to share PLEASE send them!

We kept ourselves well hydrated, had great lunches…

Bratwurst in China? Danke, Xie xie!

and enjoyed the wild atmosphere which is a trade show.

Yamaha’s booth babes getting their game on

At the end of the first day Stephanie, Daniel and I walked back to the hotel.  The city was alive with commuters and the sunset from the elevated pedestrian bridge where we stopped to buy a kite was irresistable.

and then we got lost.  After trying to get directions we hailed a cab.  We were only about 5 miles off! Famished we descended on an amazing meal at a small local place.  The menu was incredible, and we ate to bursting for about 12 bucks.

You know you want it!

More about food tomorrow! Mmmmmmm!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Music China in Shanghai

  1. Really!! Bear meat? Hope it wasn’t Panda! You look beautiful, Heidi, in that dirndl (sp?) And so it the blond gal — almost as pretty as you. Am I biased!! Love you, Mom

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