As I didn’t realize it until I returned I will share this with you right now: Shanghai is the LARGEST CITY IN THE WORLD with 24 mil residents! Wow.

What an amazing trip!  Stephanie Turkal, Louis Wu, Daniel Ward and I had the time of our lives every minute, even enjoying the marathon flight.  Our layover in Seoul was made more than tolerable by the gorgeous new airport boasting such ameneties as free showers, massage chairs and cultural museums, as well as activities. There were more high-end international leather goods shops then I knew existed!

Stephanie strides through Seoul past Louis V

I got to do an art project, tamp-printing the Korean “alphabet”

The ABCs of Korea

Even the restrooms were swank.  If anyone knows what this is, please let me know!

something you want to ring or want to avoid?

We made it to Shanghai and immediatly set off on a 4 hour walk.

The Great Wall of Flowers, the Bund, Shanghai

I loved the street markets, where the menu was laid out before your eyes.

Doesn’t get any fresher

One of my favorite street foods were the roasted chestnuts, which we all enjoyed as we walked and walked…Take a look on youtube- the streets were vibrant!

We were so worn out that we didn’t even think of taking pictures of the gorgeous organic gourmet meal we ate.  We went bak to the hotel and collapsed, exhausted.

The next day we got up bright and early for the trade show….


8 thoughts on “Shanghai!

  1. Etiquette bell. My understanding is that it is used to cover up sounds that one might find embarrassing while using the facility.

    Sent from my sci-fi iPhone device.

  2. Etiquette Bell. Did you press it? My understanding is that it makes a roar to cover up sounds that a delicate person might feel to be embarrassing .

  3. Fantastic blog on your China adventure. Gorgeous pictures, too. Almost made me feel like I was there. Too bad I couldn’t share all that good food with you! Keep a-goin’!

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