oh, and the FOOD in Shanghai!

stuffed lotus root. wow.

The food. Oh my god, the food!

We were taken out to so many beautiful meals we couldn’t believe it!  Stanley, our Ohana-rep man in China ordered at this great place right next to the convention center.  The hits kept coming.

lamb chops from heaven

Really, no way to do justice to the insane yumminess of the food!  One of our favorite things was a spice which made our tongue numb.  No idea what it was, but it was used in green beans and some other dishes with chili, including a fish poached in oil.  The fish came to the table in a large bowl filled to the rim with chilis floating on oil.  The waiter skimmed the chilis off the top, and left the floavorful, tender catfish submerged in  warm oil.  The fish was lifted by slotted spoon into serving bowls, and melted in our mouths.

More, please! Stephanie LOVED the soup!

There was an amazing pork dish, and Stanley taught us how to enjoy it best!  Thinly sliced pork  was served draped over a wooden dowel, clothesline style.  Thinly sliced scallions and a spicy chili paste accompanied the meat, to be rolled inside.  Finally, the bundles were to be dipped in  sauce and devoured.   Don’t take my word for it- see Stanley in action!


Ooooohhhh Yeahhhh!

Shanghai After Hours

Where all the hip kids go!

One night after the trade show we were taken to dinner by Jian and Kelly, Ohana’s distributors.  We had amazing food, including freshwater crabs, and delightful company including Kimo Hussey, David and Sissy Chen and 10 year old wonder Brian Fu.  We passed David’s uke around the table and everyone played a song.  Then we were all wisked across the river from Pudong to Shanghai to play a couple of songs to young uke crazy hipsters in a cafe.  Here is a link to hear Daniel play his Istanbul in Shanghai!

Friends in Shanghai- what is the name of this club?!