New Year/New Music: Tracking in Tijeras

2013 hit the ground running.  This is my attempt to catch up with it!

The Booth Dog

The Booth Dog

Our big news is that we started to work on the next CD.  Studio Dog Marnie lent us her ear.

Boxing Day happened at 75 miles an hour.  Drove from LA to NM with a surprise stop in Ash Fork, AZ.  I-40 was closed due to a truck accident, so we stopped for the night in the only hotel in town, the Ash Fork Inn.  To say the proprietress was colourful would be an understatement.  I have added her expression “Loopier then a pet coon what been eatin peaches in the sun all day” to my phrasebook.  It might even make it on the CD.

We went right to work, driving straight to Cervantes for two flat red enchiladas with an egg, extra side of red and a michelada (ritualized NM feeding).  John Bartlit met us and we strategized for our week in the studio.

David McCray Mics the room for the Bass

David McCray Mics the room for the Bass

Third Eye Studios in Tijeras, NM is pinch-me-I’ve-gone-to-heaven wonderful. Warm room, booths, gorgeous mics and really sweet micing is making every track gold. Dream come true.  David McCray, the engineer and chief wizard is amazing.  (we even got him to sing!)

Daniel Ward is the brains and the beauty on this project, making tasty arrangements on the fly and playing uke, guitars, a little percussion, vocals, some bass and even CORONET!


He blew it!

John Bartlit is doing his usual unusual thing of playing everything under the sun.  He has added a full size stand-up bass to his repitoire thanks to his daughter’s school music program.  It is about the scrappiest looking thing you ever saw, but it has a big beautiful tone and John can conjure all kinds of deep magic from it. You’d think it was his primary instrument.  He’s also plugged in the electric bass and a wild wa pedal for the Boogie Man’s voice.  Crazy.

Big bass in the big room, little uke in the little one.

Big bass in the big room, little uke in the little one.

Serious magic happened with percussion on Wi Wa.  John pounded on the log drum with a rythm Daniel learned in Haiti from a guitar player.  It is exotic and mesmerizing.

log on blog

log on blog

two-man magic

two-man magic

All the basic tracks are down, time to mix and add background and finished vocals.  Mix, master, art, layout….lots of work ahead of us to make our early summer release.  A kickstarter campaign for help with finishing funds is in the works.  More on that soon.

It is thrilling to be in the creative process.  I can’t wait to share more with you- in fact, we will pre-release a song for Valentine’s Day, so check back here to get a sip of what’s in store!


2 thoughts on “New Year/New Music: Tracking in Tijeras

    • The chili is all! We had Frontieer Breakfast burritos extra green every morning in the studio, and I brought in a crock pot of red posole which we ate for lunches and dinners. Without chili NOTHING good ever happens!

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