Free online tutorials!

You know you have always learn to play the ukulele, and I know I have always wanted to teach YOU how- here is a great way to get started!

Welcome to my on-line uke salon!

Welcome to my on-line uke salon!

I have started posting short ukulele lessons geared towards beginners of all ages on YouTube.  How to hold the uke, your first chords, all of which feature simple and interesting songs.  Check them out and give me some feedback!

Our new CD “My Cup of Tea” is brewing nicely, and we will add final vocal tracks over spring break in Tijeras NM.  It is growing into a wild, genre bending project, and I can’t wait to share it with you.  The photoshoot with ROCKSTAR photographer Joseph Cultice was amazing.  Here are some of the characters who will be featured in the songs and on the packaging

Nobody's business but the Turks...

Nobody’s business but the Turks…

Lastly we are set to announce our SPRING KICKSTARTER TOUR SCHEDULE!

(but that will have to wait for the next post!)


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