Shows added in TULSA, OK


Nice house! Let’s fill it!

Once again, Oklahoma is way more then OK.  We have added 6 shows in libraries to the spring tour, including TWO shows at Connor’s Cove, a delicious theatre at the Hardesty Branch


Tuesday, May 21

Connor’s Cove, 11 am and 2:30 pm

Hardesty Regional Library

8316 E. 93rd St Tulsa, OK 74133


Wednesday, May 22

10:30 am  Charles Page Library

551 E. 4th St  Tulsa  OK   74063


2:00 pm    Kishner Library

10150 N Cincinnati Ave Tulsa OK   74073


Thursday, May 23

11:00 am Central Library

400 Civic Center Tulsa OK   74103


2:00 pm Schusterman-Benson Library

3333 E 32nd Pl

Tulsa OK   74135


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