Kick Off time at McCabes

Sunday, April 28, 11 am we are celebrating the kick off of our Kickstarter campaign with a show at McCabes!

Help us kick "My Cup of Tea" in gear!

Help us kick “My Cup of Tea” in gear!

Come out to the happiest place on earth (for music), we are gonna have a HECK of a show!  Two original Sukey Jump Band members from New Mexico, Daniel Ward and John Bartlit,  will be playing, plus Danny Moynahan and his fantastic singing saw and OTHER SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS!

We will be playing songs from the new CD, and as always, bring your ukulele!  Join us on stage for a few numbers.

There will be a RAFFLE and PRIZES, too!

All this to kick off our KICKSTARTER campaign.  If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, allow me to introduce you to a great way to pre-order our new album, “My Cup Of Tea” while helping us get it made.  Kickstarter is a tool to help artists self produce.  Fans and friends can be part of the process, getting great rewards like a download of an unreleased song for only $2!!!!  CLICK HERE to check out our project.  You can hear a few of the songs from the CD, see some pictures of the process, get an idea of what the amazing cover art is going to look like.

I am so proud of this project.  We are mixing songs and getting everything ready for duplication.  Every day when I listen to the new cuts I am flooded with joy.  The music is far bigger, richer and wilder then I ever had hoped. There are out-of-control dance party songs,  There are simple songs which help in processing our big emotions.   There are songs to make you laugh and songs which give us a way to connect with other cultures.  Pop and Funk and Folk and World and Latin.

The instrumentation is huge- horn sections, marimba, tuba, children’s choir…

We would love to see you at McCabes- grab a posse and come on down!

(I am doing a exclamation point count…  looks like I am excited.  I can’t bring myself to remove a one of ’em.)


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