Into the SUNSET

We left Kansas City and enjoyed a day off in the Ozarks.  Beautiful country! Now we return to Kansas to do 6 shows at 5 libraries in 3 days.

The kids of Rose Hill Library sent me the sweetest welcome! We'll be there tomorrow, 5/30

The kids of Rose Hill Library sent me the sweetest welcome! We’ll be there tomorrow, 5/30

We have had great news come in- I am featured as a teacher in this month’s Sunset Magazine! I have always liked Sunset and am flattered.

And also very flattered to have a post about me, the new CD and the KICKSTARTER project in the HUFFINGTON POST!

Now, about that KICKSTARTER thing…  We are nearly at our goal, only about $200 to go!  This is the final week.  I am hoping we will exceed our goal.  We are grateful to all our backers, and ask if you can to share the link around.  The more the merrier!  Making a recording in an expensive business, for independant artists the costs are all straight out of pocket.  So many talented professionals were kind enough to donate their services, but I would love to be able to pay them something after paying the duplication costs.  Pre-order the CD, get a download or even just the Winky song for $2.  We appreciate every contribution!


The Big Finale at Jiggle Jam

Time to put on the dirndl…  (thank you AGAIN, Cocoe Vocci for the amazing dress!)


Into the Eye of the Storm



We are on the road again!

Before we even left LA we had a VERY IMPORTANT errand to run- We picked up my new Dirndl from Cocoe Voci’s studio. I am thrilled to have a new uniform, so beautifully constructed and lovingly designed by my sweet friend.  THANK YOU, Cocoe!


Our first stops in NM were fun and chili filled.  Great start in Gallup, NM with a school show and uke workshop at Nizhoi Music, the studio of our  lovely hostess, Antoinette Neff.

 Then on to Albuquerque where we had the BEST DAY EVER!  First, we finished mastering MY CUP OF TEA.  Celebration dinner at Cervantes (hotttest red chili in the Q) and then on to the new Star Trek movie!  Woo HOO!

We brought music to the ACSL family and then on to Santa Fe, where we enjoyed making music for a private party.  The night started with John and Daniel playing flamenco and ended with leading a campfire style sing along.  


The next morning we took the OhanaMobile to Jeff at Lucky Saab, where we did a ghetto fix on the AC with bread ties and zip ties.

Master mechanic and apprentice

Master mechanic and apprentice

We were tipped off to the storms blowing in and delayed our departure.  We were driving straight towards Oklahoma City as the storms ripped through Moore. The skies were ominous and filled with fear and pain.  We sang the song “Little Birdie” as a prayer for the people in the path, and are going to share that song in our Kickstarter update this week.



We arrived in Tulsa with heavy hearts at 2 am, but the children who greeted us the next morning at Connors Cove were as audatious and ebulent as children ever are.  We had two bopping shows and look forward to 4 more shows at 4 other libraries in the next two days before we ship off for Kansas City.

We are telling everyone we meet about the new CD and the Kickstarter campaign which has two more weeks to go.  We are getting close to our goal and hope to exceed it handsomly so we can both pay musicians and move forward with PR for the album.  If you have not had a chance please pledge now!  Click here (MY CUP OF TEA) to go to the page where you will be able to hear songs, see art, read about the process and become part of the fun! 

Is This the Face of a Killer?



Wanted: John Bartlit, serial killer.

This notorious musician has just KILLED on 13 tracks with innumerable instruments.

I am listening to fresh mixes of the songs for My Cup Of Tea and my mind is being blown.

John on drums, african percussion, latin percussion, vocals, jaw harp, stand-up bass, electric funk bass, banjo, Spike Lee bells and whistles, log drum, glockenspiel, xylophone… oh my.

For instance: on Little Birdie- a simple mountain song he lays down this banjo part.  I hadn’t  realized it before, but tonight I heard it.  It embodies the meaning of the song. On the first and final verse the banjo twitters;  it’s the little Birdie’s voice.   (Then I hear his bass  bowing an Amazing Grace reference I hadn’t heard before.) Finally,  on the verse “I’ve a short time for to be here and a long while to be gone” I hear  a mi-fa ostanato, like the ticking of a clock.  That’s it.  That is the point of the whole thing.   I was there when everything was recorded, but I could not hear it yet.  He knew it all along, and played it without comment, patiently waiting for my ears to catch up.  Sneaky bastard.


I am so blessed to be working with this man.

Thank you, John.  I love you.

Green Chili: The Final Frontier

Frontieer green on an In-N-Out double-double.  That's livin'!

Frontieer green on an In-N-Out double-double. That’s livin’!

You know your friends love you when they bring you the XL tub of roasted frozen green chili from the Frontieer!  John flew in for the show at McCabes Sunday morning with 56 oz. of love packed in his suitcase. And a special treat for my girls- Cow Patties!

The final Frontier Rolls, aka "Cow Patties"!

The final Frontier Rolls, aka “Cow Patties”!

Our hero, Richard Fultineer had drums to loan John for the show!  Thank you Richard!!!  He needed to drop them off at 9 am, which is  before McCabes opens and right when John’s plane was arriving.  I dropped Daniel off with coffee, a cajon to sit on and his coronet, so he could practice his licks while awaiting hand-off .  Revilee for the neighborhood.

Alley Cat

Alley Cat

We had a great show, and are happy to report that the Kickstarter campaign is now in full swing!  You can pre-order the CD or book us for a kid’s party with your pledge… even download a single song!  Check it out HERE!  I am touched by the first donors who have jumped in.  So many folks from the Kindie world are showing support, and it means the world to me.  Every  pledge brings me a smile of gratitude and gets us that much closer to getting this baby pressed.

We had some crazy rehearsals for the tour (FYI- the canjo will be in heavy rotation this spring) and ate through the whole tub of chili in under 4 days.  We visited preschools, saw the ocean, walked the Venice canals, visited LACMA, drank beer and cooked amazing meals.  Now I can’t wait till the tour starts in 2 weeks!

But first I will be taking a detour up to Northern Cal for the West Coast Ukulele retreat, teaching and playing for a week at Asilomar State Beach.  Lots of work, but also kind of a vacation.

I’ll tell you all about it, stay tuned.