Is This the Face of a Killer?



Wanted: John Bartlit, serial killer.

This notorious musician has just KILLED on 13 tracks with innumerable instruments.

I am listening to fresh mixes of the songs for My Cup Of Tea and my mind is being blown.

John on drums, african percussion, latin percussion, vocals, jaw harp, stand-up bass, electric funk bass, banjo, Spike Lee bells and whistles, log drum, glockenspiel, xylophone… oh my.

For instance: on Little Birdie- a simple mountain song he lays down this banjo part.  I hadn’t  realized it before, but tonight I heard it.  It embodies the meaning of the song. On the first and final verse the banjo twitters;  it’s the little Birdie’s voice.   (Then I hear his bass  bowing an Amazing Grace reference I hadn’t heard before.) Finally,  on the verse “I’ve a short time for to be here and a long while to be gone” I hear  a mi-fa ostanato, like the ticking of a clock.  That’s it.  That is the point of the whole thing.   I was there when everything was recorded, but I could not hear it yet.  He knew it all along, and played it without comment, patiently waiting for my ears to catch up.  Sneaky bastard.


I am so blessed to be working with this man.

Thank you, John.  I love you.


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