West Coast Ukulele Retreat

Beautiful people in a beautiful place!
Magical Monterrey Peninsula is the perfect place to breathe deep and spend a calm, centering week at a retreat.
The West Coast Ukulele Retreat went completly WILD!
Five crazy days of teaching and four nights of wild ukulele carrousal have plum wore me out.
They saw me coming

They saw me coming

Asilomar is a beautiful place, built 100 years ago by Julia Morgan, the architect who designed Hearst Castle.  The cedar shingled buildings are stately inside and out.  It is a priveledged place to rest and play.
I wish I had gotten my camera out, but my hands were on the instrument all day and night.
After teaching from 9-6 we would gather again in the evening and that’s when things got wild.

Mr and Mrs Chin chop it up!

Mr and Mrs Chin chop it up!

And it would go on, and on and on!  Jamming till 3 am!  Elaine De Mann can sure put on a heck of an event!

Now THAT's a BIG UKE, Gerald Ross!

Now THAT’s a BIG UKE, Gerald Ross!

I need a little rest after that retreat.  But…  none for the wicked!  Time to pack up and shove out on tour.  Wednesday I drive out of LA, first stop, Gallup, NM! (lets hope I can get the AC fixed on the car before that)

In the meantime….   Have you checked out the KICKSTARTER project yet?!!!



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