Into the SUNSET

We left Kansas City and enjoyed a day off in the Ozarks.  Beautiful country! Now we return to Kansas to do 6 shows at 5 libraries in 3 days.

The kids of Rose Hill Library sent me the sweetest welcome! We'll be there tomorrow, 5/30

The kids of Rose Hill Library sent me the sweetest welcome! We’ll be there tomorrow, 5/30

We have had great news come in- I am featured as a teacher in this month’s Sunset Magazine! I have always liked Sunset and am flattered.

And also very flattered to have a post about me, the new CD and the KICKSTARTER project in the HUFFINGTON POST!

Now, about that KICKSTARTER thing…  We are nearly at our goal, only about $200 to go!  This is the final week.  I am hoping we will exceed our goal.  We are grateful to all our backers, and ask if you can to share the link around.  The more the merrier!  Making a recording in an expensive business, for independant artists the costs are all straight out of pocket.  So many talented professionals were kind enough to donate their services, but I would love to be able to pay them something after paying the duplication costs.  Pre-order the CD, get a download or even just the Winky song for $2.  We appreciate every contribution!


The Big Finale at Jiggle Jam

Time to put on the dirndl…  (thank you AGAIN, Cocoe Vocci for the amazing dress!)



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