The McCabes McStique


What is it about McCabes? Is it the free coffee?

Well, there are the instruments which pave the walls.  But it is a magical place which resonates on it’s own.

My relationship with McCabes began in the late ’80’s, when I had first moved to Los Angeles. A friend from NY, Tom Adelman began working the refreshment booth at concerts so he could see shows for free.  I had to find out what that was all about.    I could go on and on- but you’d do better to hear all about it by listening to the KCRW documentary made on McCabes 50th Anniversary.

The Sukey Jump Band's first show at McCabes in 2010

The Sukey Jump Band’s first show at McCabes in 2010

My first ukulele came to me from the Easter Bunny when I was 5 years old, but left with a high school boyfriend.  I bought my second and all subsequent instruments at McCabes. (in all, buying instruments for schools, students, etc. I know I have bought more than 200 instruments there.)

The Saintly John Zehnder

The Saintly John Zehnder

I started studying with John Zehnder around 1992.  We would meet in the Banjo Room where the instruments lining the walls would sing along.  John taught memost everything I know, including the song “The Muffin Man” which we recorded on out first CD “Play”.

I began teaching an all-ages class a few years ago, about the same time I put the Sukey Jump Band together.  McCabes has become our home.  Next week I will be starting a new class, MC BABES for Infants (and Moms/Dads/Caregivers), teaching lullabyes and love songs to the newly stricken.  That is what parenting is, really.  A love affair.


Which is why we are having our BIG OFFICIAL CD RELEASE show there NEXT SUNDAY!

It is going to be a wild hootenanny, with a really big band, including HORNS and SUPERHEROES and all kinds of special guests.  Including YOU!  Bring your uke and play along on a few songs.  Join us on stage to sing!  We have some numbers planned just for YOU!!!

We will give away ukuleles and CDs, and we will be selling the new release at a special price. (Did I mention My Cup of Tea has just won a NAPPA award? Fancy!)

Come party with us Sunday, September 22 at 11 am.  ALL AGES from the tiniest to the most revered will have a great time!  Can’t wait to see you there!

Get it while it's HOT!!!

Get it while it’s HOT!!!

3 thoughts on “The McCabes McStique

  1. Having written for a music magazine before and attending live shows from “small hole in the wall” clubs to the larger more fancy venues, I must admit that McCabe’s instantly made me feel at home when I saw your show there a few weeks back. There is a warm, almost family house in the woods feel to that place. I definitely look forward to attending another show there.

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