KALA Ukulele Sponsors the Weekend Ukulele Warriors

This Saturday at McCabes you can hone your ukulele skills AND win a FREE KALA TRAVEL TENOR Ukulele!


Kala Ukuleles have come on board as sponsor for the Weekend Ukulele Warriors.  Every week in class we will be raffling off tuners and t-shirts, giving away cool swag and every month we will raffle a fancy new uke.  Your name will go in the hat once for each workshop you attend.  On the final Saturday of the month we will hold our drawing for the free instrument.

Get On Board!

Get On Board!

This week, Daniel Ward teaches UKULELE BUILDING BLOCKS- a workshop designed for all levels, great for absolute beginners or seasoned players who want to become faster, better and cleaner on the strings.  He’ll teach you great exercises designed to help you learn proper alignment, shed bad  habits and play better with less effort.

here is the schedule through April- we hope you come every week and win a NEW UKE, plus enjoy the amazing guest instructors coming your way!

1/ 18 Ukulele Building Blocks with Daniel Ward- simple exercises and techniques for all levels

1/25  Latin Strums With Daniel Ward- Even the most simple songs, like “Happy Birthday to You” come to life with a dash of salsa!


2/ 8   picking and Grinning with Heidi Swedberg- simple picking patterns give variety to your playing for beginning and intermediate players

2/ 15   Bossa Nova Training Wheels with Daniel Ward- like champaigne, bossa goes with everything.  Broken down to simple steps so everyone can get their Jobim on.

2/ 22   Guest teacher FRED SOKOLOW takes students on aUkulele Fretboard Roadtrip!

3/ 1  The effervescent  JIM D’VILLE shares his secrets of how to  Play Ukulele  by Ear

3/8   Special guest teachers SARAH MAISEL and CRAIG CHEE bring  their sparkling chemistry and great chops!

3/15  Modulating  the Bb family with Heidi Swedberg.  Learn a simple closed chord progression that can carry you up the fretboard.

3/29  The Butcher of Seville with Daniel Ward (Spanish guitar classics for the 4 strings)

4/5  Learn to play the Ukulele in a Day with Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward


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