Weekend Uke WINNER

We had our first drawing for a KALA BRAND ukulele at the Weekend Ukulele Warrior series at McCabes and RON was the lucky winner!  Here’s the happy man…



Here are the rest of the winners- (some of)  last week’s happy students with our guest teacher Jason Arimoto.  Everyone took home KALA swag:  tshirts and tuners and stickers after a great class of Blues for Beginners.  That pentatonic blues box was easier then I thought it would be.  We were all soloing by the end of class.IMG_6677Next week  I’ll be teaching simple picking patterns to add fun and interest to your playing…Pickin’and Grinnin’!   Learn the basics of picking, from the easiest plucks to a Travis pick for the 4 strings.

The following week Daniel shares Bossa Nova Training Wheels

and then we have three weeks of amazing guests in a row- Fred Sokolow, Jim D’Ville and our favorite ukulele double date,  Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee!

Stick with us- every Saturday at noon at McCabes!

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