…ladies and gents, the AMAZING Fred!

He goes waaay back!

He goes waaay back!

He’s the teacher’s teacher!  Quite literally, in this case.  I sought Fred a few years back when I wanted more out of my playing.  I have always been a song machine but never felt that I had enough theory or skill to truly call myself a musician.  I’m still fakin’ it till I make it, but Fred taught me my Rhythm Changes and introduced me to the Roadmap.

Fred  has authored a literal library of instructional books for all sorts of stringed instruments, including the ukulele.   His Fretboard Roadmaps  books  (one is penned especially for uke) are the coolest way way to navigate an instrument  and will completely change your understanding of your axe.  Check out his website here– maybe buy a copy of the Fretboard Roadmap to work through before and after class- you’ll be glad you did!

...and this is now

…and this is now

The Weekend Ukulele Warriors welcome Fred this coming Saturday, Feburary 22 at noon, teaching the roadmap to all uke travelers.

Remember to give him your contact on the little paper slip so your name can go in the hat for the drawing of the Kala travel tenor on March 8.


And do come back the following week, March 1 for a great class by Jim D’Ville on how to play ukulele BY EAR!


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