Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel this Saturday!

Great goings on at McCAbes this weekend- Fabulous guests for the Warriors and a new session of the all-ages ukulele series known as the UKUlear FAmily…

One of the best things about attending a ukulele festival is the friends you make.  Daniel and I are so glad to have met Sarah and Craig at the Wine Country Ukulele festival and at the West Coast Ukulele Retreat.  They are like our ukulele double date!  They are individually  great teachers and amazing players, and together they set the world on fire!


How lucky are we to have them BOTH teaching TOGETHER this week at McCabes’  Weekend Ukulele Warriors?!!  It will be a one-two punch.  Here’s what they have in store-

Craig Chee’s workshop:
Foundations 101
We will dive into many fun exercises to strengthen your fingers. These
will focus on coordination, speed, tone control and show how they are
implemented into more advanced techniques. This will push help push
you to that next level!

Sarah Maisel’s Workshop:
Life After the Third Fret
We all play in ukulele groups, and we all learn to play and strum the
same thing. In this class, we will focus on different ways to change
chords, so you can enhance the sound of the group. This is a great
class for all skill levels. Let’s
work together using substitution chords and possibly even chords up
the neck to make your group sound even better!


Sarah Maisel:
Sarah Maisel, hailed as the “Queen of Jazz Ukulele” by international
music critics, has taken the world by storm and strum. 2013 was quite
a milestone for Sarah as she found herself performing for the first
time overseas at the largest ukulele festivals in England and
Originally from Birmingham Alabama, Sarah studied classical violin for
10 years. After moving to San Diego, CA, she soon discovered the
ukulele (in 2006) and her new musical adventure began. Her first album
was recorded in 2010, and she has three albums to her credit. For
Sarah, the joy of the ukulele isn’t in just performing- she is an avid
teacher and loves to share her knowledge of the instrument with
everyone she meets. If you can’t make it to one of her many “hometown”
shows in San Diego, be sure to look for her at various ukulele
festivals around the US and globe!

Craig Chee:
Wanting to bring something to share on the mainland, Craig chose to
focus on the ukulele before leaving Hawai’i for college. Although
Craig had grown up playing the cello and piano, he wanted something
that gave a little more distinction of coming from the islands. Craig
has had the pleasure of studying under Jake Shimabukuro and Troy
Fernandez. Ever since then Craig has been trying to further experiment
with the ukulele in settings that aren’t typically associated with the
Craig collaborated with other great local musicians for his first
album and is continuing that tradition with the new album by including
friends familiar to the ukulele world including Aldrine Guerrero,
Aaron Nakamura (both from fame!), Sarah Maisel,
Ryan Imamura, Kahiwa Sebire, Ryo Montgomery and even more local
musicians from Eugene. From workshops to individual lessons, Craig has
been teaching throughout the past 4 years and couldn’t be happier.
Craig often remarks “if I’m not playing at any given moment, I hope to
be teaching!” Playing at local venues, to the Oregon Country Fair, to
ukulele festivals around the world, Craig hopes to continue to travel
and share his passion for the ukulele and expand on how people view
the instrument!

Come hang with the two cutest kids on the block!

Come hang with the two cutest kids on the block!

As usual, Saturday NOON at McCabes, 3101 W Pico Blvd, Santa Monica CA

We are also starting a new session of UKUlear Family at McCabes  this Saturday, March 8th.  4 Saturdays at 10:30 am.  This beginning class is fun for all ages (Kids under 8 require a participating adult) Adults without kids are welcome, too!


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