Surprise Guest Teacher: Douglas Reynolds

What a treat- Douglas is swinging through town next weekend and he’s going to teach the Weekend Ukulele Warrior’s March 22 class!  Noon, every Saturday at world-famous (in Los Angeles) McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA


If you are not familiar with him already, Douglas is the raconteur behind all things, which includes the Reno Ukulele Festival (Daniel and I are excited to be heading there for the first time next month), the California Ukulele Academy and the Old West Uke Train!  He’s also a great teacher and performer. So, If you can tune a uke and can “hear” your favorite songs in your head well enough to hum them to your dog, here’s what he has in store for you next Saturday:


Description:  First, I demonstrate a few exercises and techniques to build new brain-to-hand connections that will enable you to simultaneously play the chords and melody of any typical 1-4-5 pattern song, (the most common pattern found in ukulele music). Then we attack 2-3 well known tunes with the techniques. Finally I explain how to apply similar techniques to songs in other keys. You will leave with an understanding of how to add new musicality to your playing! …and with a handout to keep you on track.


Ukes strung with a low G will have extra melody notes available.  Come a little early if you want to switch over.


The quote, “Ain’t no money above the 5th fret,” has been attributed to Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash, Grandpa Jones, and many others. I don’t know who actually said it first, but we will adhere to its wisdom for this class.


THIS WEEK I am teaching a workshop on my favorite closed chord family, and will introduce you to the cheater’s IV chord and the do-wacka-do strum that can make you into a modulating rhythm machine!


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