Weekend Ukulele Warrior – The Adventure Continues!

photo by James Barnett,  wetakenicepictures.com

photo by James Barnett, wetakenicepictures.com

Weekend UKULELE Warriors    Saturdays, 12:00 at Mc Cabes Guitar Shop, $40

8/30 FUNK IT UP with Daniel Ward learn hammers, slides and the requisite overbite to Play that Funky Music, White Boy.

NO WEEKEND WARRIORS for the month of September! Why don’t you hit the road and join at Wine country Ukulele Festival, Wiggle Out Loud festival and the Albuquerque Ukulele festival!?

10/4 PLAY THE UKULELE IN A DAY with Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward

 10/11 RIGHT HAND-LEFT HAND This workshop is a passage to comfort.  Daniel Ward concentrates on the magic of discovering how easy it is to play when you get a simple group of skills that lines up both hands, and frees you from some old demons.  Handouts include simple warm ups and drills, fingerpicking, and strumming help, and a big overview of how it all fits.

10/18 DO-WACKA-DO! Heidi Swedberg teaches the signature ukulele strum and pairs it with a classic Americana Ragtime song.

10/25 SPOOKY! In deference to the season Heidi Swedberg hits the minor leagues and plays with the major/minor sound.



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