Chile! Chili!


Some New Mexicans are adamant about the spelling- CHILE is the good stuff: pedigree Hatch or Chimayo.   Chili is the Texas dish, a stew, with meat and beans. Spelling NEVER having been my strong suit, I am agnostic as to how it “should be” spelled. I just returned from NM last night.  What’s the first thing I do this morning?  Pull some green chile out of the freezer!

Since Ukulele Magazine published my RED Chili (chile) recipe I have had lots of people ask me where to buy good red chile. I found a great source of Chimayo red chile, the BEST in the world, in Santa Fe last week during the Uke-Culinary Fiesta.IMG_8601

We were singing “Celito Lindo” under the water tower at the train station farmer’s market when I noticed the man in the booth next to us singing along.  I skipped over, took his hands and we polkaed around.  After the show he called me over and invited me to taste the red chile he had ground the day before.  Divine!  I left the market with a bag of his green and red as well as his card.  If you want the REAL STUFF call Chencho!


Thanks for the great photo, David Ward!

We made posole and enchiladas and all kinds of good food last week, we made music and made merry; we made memories.  I love these retreats.  After each one I come home inspired and happy, with new friendships and songs.


There’s one coming up in Ajijic, Mexico at the end of January.  I know we will be cooking with chile there, too. Chili- a great way to escape winter’s chill!


One thought on “Chile! Chili!

  1. Hi Heidi – Looks like Santa Fe was wondrous. I’m LOVING my Ohana that you recommended — and my private lessons with Lalo. Ok, love is too strong for lessons — Lalo’s assignments make my eyes cross and the neighbors cringe. Here’s the “OLD” Mexico drill on Chili Chile from another non-speller:

    Chile is the fruit of the plant — raw, pickled, grilled — the poblano, jalapeno, Serrano, Habanero, Anaheim, whatever – or the salsa or hot sauce make from them. And Chili is that red/white/ or green soup/stew stuff with (most places but Texas…BEANS) that Mexicans argue for days is NOT chili or chile —

    Can’t wait to see you again here. and Wait til you see the 38 kids from the Academy and our CUL group — our October sing-a-long had 16 happy harmonous players on stage and the following Monday we had 4 returning Snowbirds and 3 new members! We’re working on music this month for our Holiday sing-a-long. I’ve been listening to youtubes so I can present songs in group and the earworm that just won’t go away is Chanukah O Chanukah….Love the tune and words but not 24 hours a day.

    See you soon! Judy King

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