Seventeen (again)

Hello, 2017!

Today is January 17th, known in Nordic countries as the BACK OF WINTER. In France, 17 is the number one calls to get the police. It is a prime number, the ‘least random number”, and most happily, the alcolhol content of Baileys.  (Thanks, Wikipedia)

…And here we are. Seventeen Again.

2017 will be a historic year for all of us. We watch it unfold with trepidation, ehxilaration and know already that it will be a year none of us will forget. It is a call to action. A crucible. We have some private projects coming to fruition, things we are passionate about- sharing songs from other lands and languages, building bridges of music. As we roll up our sleeves and get to work we feel the courage of love and dedication.

There are also some exciting events on our schedule, a few  not ready to announce, but here are a dozen or so we may. They give us hope- something to look forward to, something to work towards.

January 19-22         NAMM   Daniel will be there the 19 and 20th. I will join him on the 21st.  If you are going- send us a message, and we’ll make a plan to meet up!

February 3-5           FLAMENCONE Dancers Jesus Munoz and Valeria Montes meet us in Kernville, CA for a festival flamenco! Classes in flamenco uke, dance and palmas, plus concerts, Spanish food and good times at the Piazza’s Pine Cone Inn.   Want info?


March 19                   Sukey Jump Band (kids show) at MCCABES

May 12-14                 MIGHTY UKE DAY, LANSING MI

May 19-21                 LAS CRUCES UKEFEST 2017 Our friends in the southern NM put on their first full-on festival!

June 19-July 31        MARLBOROUGH SUMMER SCHOOL I will be teaching early childhood music and ukulele on a beautiful campus in the heart of Los Angeles. If you have little ones needing some summer day care, or older kids wanting enrichment, this is a chance to breathe some rare air at a (somewhat above) ground level price.

July 30                       SUKEY JUMP BAND AT THE SKIRBALL CENTER We loved our Bill Grahm show at the Skirball two years ago, and we are thrilled to retur for a show during the Paul Simon exibit.  Expect songs related to this great artist, from folk, to pop, to world beat. An amazing opportunity to really stretch and shine, teach and jam!

August 11-13           AUBURN GOLD PAN UKULELE FESTIVAL We are thrilled to join Dani Joy at this vibrant new festival in a town we have never experienced! Can’t wait to meet the lovely folks of Auburn!


September 27          PORT TOWNSEND UKULELE FESTIVAL Now that there is an OYSTER BAR on the premices, this event may be unchallengably the tastiest ever! This event sells out shortly after it is announced every year. If you are already signed up- see you there! If not, look into it, and cue up for next year.

October 14                ANTELOPE VALLEY UKULELE FESTIVAL   Honored to be returning to Lancaster to celebrate the love of ukulele and community with our desert ukulele ohana.

October 20                KYUke FESTIVAL  Lexington KY is ready to POP with ukulele excitement.  More info on this festival as it filters in.