The Sukey Jump Band is Heidi Swedberg and a collection of amazingly talented musicians who live and play around the world.  Most often including Daniel Ward, and, depending on the city, any and/all of the following: John Bartlit, Danny Moynahan, Craig McClellan, Austin Nicholsen, Michael Ulher, Doug Nottingham, The Swells, Lynn Sokolow and….. more, more, more!

Heidi Swedberg is a reformed actor.  I am she.

I spent 20 years wearing out shoe leather in NY and LA, and am often recognized for having played “Susan” on Seinfeld.  Like many jobs people have in their 20’s, I used to enjoy it.  I still like the healthcare, and I view the diminishing residuals that still come as an “artist’s grant”.  When I had kids I started making music with them, their friends and in their schools.  I realized how much I liked having fun rather then making entertainment.  And thus, my mission was born.

I love to play for  and with all ages.  Really.  From the tiniest mewling newborn to the most revered citizen.  I have sung lullaby and lap shows to infant groups, entertained in Alzheimer’s patient facilities, enjoyed elementary school crowds, taught teens the hot little uke, made merry with the middle aged.  Music really knows no age.

I love to play in all situations.  House parties, big festivals, preschool bashes, fancy museums, institutional facilities, bars, orphanages, trade shows, foreign countries, libraries…  been there, done that, hope to do it again.  Got an idea?  Run it by me.    booker@sukeyjumpmusic.com

I won’t send you an autograph.  But I will sign a CD.  What’s the difference?  Beats me.  Let’s cogitate on it a bit and then we can discuss it.


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