Magical October


So many reasons to sing the praises of my favorite month!  The chill, the crunch of leaves (yes, even in LA!) and the smell and taste of CHILI in NM!

This year I am especially excited to have New Mexicans coming to me and then going with them for a weekend of shows in NM! The amazing John Bartlit is flying out for a pair of Sukey Jumps at the incredible Descanso Gardens here in Los Angeles.  We play October 19 and 20th at 11:30 under the oaks for their fall festival.  There will a costume parade and crafts and a garden demonstration- all kinds of cool stuff to check out at one of the loveliest spots in LA.


While John is here he and Daniel will be playing an evening of Daniel’s beautiful flamenco-inspired world music compositions at the Talking Stick in Venice from 6-8 pm.  They will be joined by some special guests as well, and the free evening promises to sparkle.  The Talking Stick is a vibrant, creative place and a great home to some of the Westside’s most creative musicians.  It is very much like Venice “in the old days”, (except without the crime and drugs).   For those of you who don’t know them, John and Daniel have been playing music together for over 30 years.  They were born less then 12 hours apart at the same (Los Alamos) hospital and are truly brothers.  They are amazing musicians and beautiful men.  Here is a clip of them playing Daniel’s comopsition “Istanbul” together.  If you stick with it you will get the sense of their genius as they transition from sublime to ridiculous.  When you meet John, be sure you compliment him on his tap dancing and choreography!


The following weekend we meet up in New Mexico and are joined by our favorite people on earth (which I hope will include YOU!)  

I am referring to the artists  sometimes known as the Vespus Marimba Band.  John and Daniel plus Craig McClelland from Door County, WI, Douglas Nottingham from Phoenix, AZ and the lovely Alexix and Hovey Corbin from Albuquerque are coming together for THREE shows, one in Taos (at a brewery, no less!) and two in Albuquerque, plus thew will also be doing a Sukey Jump with ME!  (Ain’t I the luckiest gal on earth?)  I get to join them on a few songs in their shows as well.  And there will be some serious eating of freshly roasted green chili!  Hope this year’s crop is as hot as the music.

Our show Saturday morning at the Outpost will be the official NM Cup Of Tea Release Party, and we have lots to celebrate, as the CD was recorded in NM.  We are hoping every musician on the CD will be able to make it, as well as our stellar engineer, David McCray.  CDs will be available at a special low price, there will be raffles for prizes and a crazy good time.  Bring your uke and play along with some tunes!  Join the party!


Friday,  October  25th,  7pm


20  ABC  Mesa  Rd,  Taos,  NM   8757   $15

Saturday, October 26th 7  PM


2801 Louisiana Blvd  NE

Albuquerque,NM 87106 (505)881-­‐4311  $10

Sunday, October  27th,  10:30 AM


1715  5th  St  NW  in  Albuquerque

$15/ $5 child under  12/ $9 age 30 and under+ full-­‐time students

Cash or  checks,  no  credit   cards


Saturday,  October 26  11am


210  Yale  Blvd  SE  Albuquerque,  NM 87106

(505) 268-­‐0044

Kids under 2 FREE, Adults $10/kids $5


Green Chili: The Final Frontier

Frontieer green on an In-N-Out double-double.  That's livin'!

Frontieer green on an In-N-Out double-double. That’s livin’!

You know your friends love you when they bring you the XL tub of roasted frozen green chili from the Frontieer!  John flew in for the show at McCabes Sunday morning with 56 oz. of love packed in his suitcase. And a special treat for my girls- Cow Patties!

The final Frontier Rolls, aka "Cow Patties"!

The final Frontier Rolls, aka “Cow Patties”!

Our hero, Richard Fultineer had drums to loan John for the show!  Thank you Richard!!!  He needed to drop them off at 9 am, which is  before McCabes opens and right when John’s plane was arriving.  I dropped Daniel off with coffee, a cajon to sit on and his coronet, so he could practice his licks while awaiting hand-off .  Revilee for the neighborhood.

Alley Cat

Alley Cat

We had a great show, and are happy to report that the Kickstarter campaign is now in full swing!  You can pre-order the CD or book us for a kid’s party with your pledge… even download a single song!  Check it out HERE!  I am touched by the first donors who have jumped in.  So many folks from the Kindie world are showing support, and it means the world to me.  Every  pledge brings me a smile of gratitude and gets us that much closer to getting this baby pressed.

We had some crazy rehearsals for the tour (FYI- the canjo will be in heavy rotation this spring) and ate through the whole tub of chili in under 4 days.  We visited preschools, saw the ocean, walked the Venice canals, visited LACMA, drank beer and cooked amazing meals.  Now I can’t wait till the tour starts in 2 weeks!

But first I will be taking a detour up to Northern Cal for the West Coast Ukulele retreat, teaching and playing for a week at Asilomar State Beach.  Lots of work, but also kind of a vacation.

I’ll tell you all about it, stay tuned.