Roadside attractions: Sheboygan, WI

On the drive from Door County to Chicago, passing through Sheboygan, needing a comfort stop.Sheboygan…. isn’t that where those bowls I bought in a thrift store were made?  I remember these cool bowls I got- made of pressed wood, each one stamped “Ellingers Agatized Wood made in Sheboygan, WI”  So I says to the Iphone… “Let’s go there!” And the Iphone says “That’s easy, its just off the road!”

Next thing ya know Daniel and I are outta the Ohana Moblie getting a tour from Will.  There are 3 presses, and two guys, Will and a gentleman who we will here call Mr Security, working the factory floor.  Pine is made into flour and poured from a measured scoop into a mold.  It is then pressed like a waffle, and about two minutes later bowls are popped out two at a time.

So they are wood, but feel like melamine.  It’s the coolest thing ever.  And they are the coolest folk ever.  But they don’t have a bathroom.  So, gotta run.  I buy a few bowls from the rack and we cut off for a  grocery-store picnic in the shade of a thrift store.

The food of My People

I like this town.  I want to come back!