Home Alone Together

A few years ago, while feeding the dog her dry kibble I remarked to my daughters how lucky the pup was, to experience such delight in the same food every day, and wished I could feel the same. They said, “You do, mom. Coffee.”

We greet the smell of morning coffee with increased gratitude now, reassured by the daily sameness. The sounds of morning have changed. Birds have recaptured morning rush. It is the stillness of a month of Sundays.

We are glad to stay at home, as it means fewer will suffer. Our mothers, our children, our friends, ourselves- kept at a loving distance in the hopes of sparing them from the virus. We sharpen our skills with the computer and learn more about video and how best to share and support those we love from a safe distance.

I am so lucky to continue working with my preschoolers online. Singing with kids gives me a sense of purpose, as does visiting ukulele club meetings via Zoom or Skype or Discord and singing songs with them. Sure, we can’t chorus together- only one leader can be on mic at a time, but we are making music: alone together!

The festivals and gigs we had booked through the spring are canceled, and we are watching the summer and fall with a cautious eye. Most are being tentatively rescheduled for the same time, 2021. This may be the year that wasn’t.

Please take care of yourself and share your love with those dear to you, and extend as much kindness and civility to those who may be not-so dear.

Send along a comment if you want help leading your group online, or you have some good ideas to share. I will be writing an article about that soon!

PS- if you want some music to work on, Daniel’s amazing uke books and mine for kids can be found on his website, https://danielward.net/